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About Us

01Who we are

Nectar of Love was created by people who have been working for decades towards the wellbeing of society. Our goal is to provide selfless service towards others by covering some of their basic needs, while simultaneously spreading the message of solidarity and compassion. In addition, our goal is to inspire and incite others to develop genuine care towards each other, so that we are collectively able to tackle and deal with homelessness and poverty.

02What we believe

We believe that each one of us is capable of setting aside their personal interests in order to act with compassion towards building a society where the values of Love, Peace, Non-Violence, Justice and Truth will prevail. We realized that through these repeated acts of kindness, a deep sense of love and fulfilment arises.

A true human being is one who feels and cares about the pain of others; who doesn’t live only for satisfying himself, but rather sees other people like cells of the same body, which may be sick and need help in order for health to be restored to the entire body.

03What we do

Our activities are based on four main pillars:

1) Food for everyone: the basic necessity of life.

2) Support families in need by distributing to them boxes with food and other basic supplies.

3) Medical care for those who cannot afford it.

4) Entertainment. All forms of music and art should not only be aimed at entertainment, but also at cultivating a person’s soul.