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Inauguration of our new centre!

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The first week of April was indeed a blessed week for us, as we managed to inaugurate the newly founded service centre! Through a great effort of a group of people, this approximately 750m2 centre was set up in order to be able to expand our service activities. Our vision is to promote selfless service as a way of life, especially for the youth. It is a cosy place with an inviting atmosphere, and consists of almost 15 separate spaces, each with its own use. Amongst them, are:

• A fully equipped kitchen. Fitted with 5 gas-powered hotplates, a large oven, fridges, sinks and various cooking equipment, it can support cooking over 2,000 meals per session. Food is cooked in there and delivered to homeless Greek people.

• Lecture hall that seats approximately 150 people. Here, we will invite young, new people for discussions and speeches on topics that concern and will help the youth. This hall will also be used for entertainment purposes, such as for theatrical dramas.

• Studio for our internet radio station. Our new internet radio station aims to entertain and inspire mainly the youth, encouraging them to live a life with values, to understand the importance of service towards others, and to become more complete human beings. Every week, a one-hour show will be broadcast, which will include entertaining talk shows and interviews with people from all areas of life, as well as music.

• Play room for children. This will also be used as the place where children will be taught human values through stories and games.

• Meeting room.

• Several offices.

• Library. A quiet place where people can sit and read a good selection of books.

• Storage area. Food, medicine, clothing, and other items to be used during service will be stored.

• Publications room. It will be the archive of all our publications (booklets, etc.)

• Mobile medical unit. Many months of work went into preparing the medical unit, and finally it is ready. It has been equipped with modern equipment such as a portable electrocardiograph, ultrasound and defibrillator. It will be used to serve homeless and underprivileged people who are unable to afford healthcare.

Anyone with a heart that feels for the suffering of others and with a good intention to do something to help is very welcome to join us!